Breasts Changes From Pregnancy to Breastfeeding

Photo by: Mathus Ferro

“Are your breasts getting bigger?”

Was one of the first questions asked by my husband that led me to find out I was pregnant with my first child. It’s funny how our significant others can see changes in our physical appearances before we do!


Generally speaking, most of us will experience some sort of change to our breasts during pregnancy and into the breastfeeding stages. The size and even color will shift with each trimester.

Here, I have listed some changes you may experience in your breast during each phase of pregnancy.

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Early Pregnancy Months

Sore or tender breasts usually are one of the first signs of pregnancy. Hormonal changes during this time and increased blood volume can cause your breasts to grow as early as the first three weeks of pregnancy and continue up until labor.

Mid-Pregnancy Months

Your breasts could remain sore and tender during the second trimester of pregnancy. You also will notice a fuller breast size, which will force you to purchase a bigger bra for comfort. How to Find the Best Nursing Bra for Your Size.

Other changes you may experience during this time include:

  • leaky breasts of colostrum (thick, sticky, concentrated early breast milk)

  • darkening areola’s ( circular area around the nipple)

  • itchy skin

Final Pregnancy Months

As your body moves towards the final stages of pregnancy you may notice your breast are fuller and heavier. Stretch marks may start to appear due to the stretching of your skin. During this time you can use a gentle moisturizer to help alleviate the itchiness from the stretching of skin. You may also notice these changes in your breasts:

  • leaking of colostrum

  • changes in shape

  • dry skin

  • areola darkening

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Milk Production

Your body begins preparing and producing colostrum as early as mid-pregnancy and into the first few days after birth. This means your babies first nursing sessions will be colostrum. During this time you will notice your breasts becoming increasingly fuller and firmer as you milk comes in (which can take anywhere from 2 to 6 days).

The first few days of breastfeeding can be overwhelming and challenging for many women. These feelings are normal, don’t get discouraged mama. Ask a professional such as a lactation consultant for help and support.