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Motherhood, the most rewarding and challenging role of a lifetime. Let’s do it together with comfort and style. ”




I started Lily Kyi through the struggles of finding stylish, breastfeeding clothing.

One day before heading to the playground with my kids, I found myself a bit frustrated that I did not have a shirt to nurse my son in public without exposing my stomach or back areas. I really missed my cute, stylish pre-pregnancy wardrobe and didn't want to compromise my style because I was breastfeeding. I browsed around online for nursing shirts but didn't make a purchase because the shirts were either too expensive or very unflattering.

A few months later, I grabbed my sewing machine and created my ideal nursing shirt. A few friends thought it was a great idea so I made them shirts, which they loved. I launched Lily Kyi in the fall of 2018 with my 4-year-old daughter and 10-month-old breastfeeding son by my side. I am very passionate and excited to use my experience as a mama help to other women through their breastfeeding journeys.

Thank you for your support!